Revit 2012 – What’s the best laptop?

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So you might be thinking, “The best laptop is the fastest!” Like spend $2,400.00 Lamborgini FAST! [Right???]

Asus VX7

Well as that may be true (and awesome too right!) I think the better answer involves looking at something more affordable, and yes it does exist.  I recently bought a new laptop the ASUS N73SV-A1 {left}.  It performs quite well and I am very pleased with its performance as well as its looks!


But enough about my laptop. I was hopping to get an idea of what other people are using, personal or in the office.  If you’re running Revit 2012 I would like to see just how the chips stack up across the board.  In order to do that I recently came across a post in the Revit Forum that uses a simple journal file that you can run by draging and droping it onto your Revit desktop shortcut.  Doing this runs a series of commands building something in Revit.  Once it’s finished it collects the stats into a .csv file (open this with excel or open office if you want to see a table format) to show you how your computer performed.  So I made some tweaks to the journal so that it will work with Revit 2012 and compiled my tests into one table for review.  Awesome!  My thanks to the guys at the Revit forum!

Here are my specs and this is how my laptop performed:

Graphics Card - nVidia GeForce™ GT 540M w/1GB GDDR3
Processor - Intel® Core™ i7-2630QM (2.0~2.9GHz, 45W) w/6M L3 Cache – 4 Cores – 8 Threads
Memory - 6GB (3 SODIMMS) DDR3/1333 Memory
Hard Drive - 120GB SATA III Sandforce Solid-State Drive (Up to 500MB/s Read & 500MB/s Sequential Write)

Revit 2012 Preformance Summary

Test your laptop and see how it matches up with my benchmark!  Then be sure to brag a little and let us all know what you’re specs are!  Click here to download the benchmark tool.

If you want to know more about the laptop I purchased Click here to see my other computer purchase posts and as always feel free to leave a comment if you have a question or suggestion.

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